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Grammar Productions is an award-winning independent production company. Our team is united by a love of travel, history and telling a damn good story on film. We founded Grammar in 2014 to make innovative documentaries that try to look deeper into why the world is the way it is. We might focus on the past, but that’s because we believe it’s the key to understanding the here and now.

You can learn more about the team, completed films and current projects below. For distribution and sales enquiries, please contact TVF International.


It’s one thing to want to make films like this, it’s another to pull it off.

Michael Wood, multi-award-winning broadcaster & historian


We Were Kings

Winner of the Whicker's World Foundation Funding Award 2016

"A must-see film for anyone who wants to understand Burma today. Britain & Burma have an amazing shared history, and this film tells it with a subtlety & humour that will take you by surprise.”
Levison Wood - filmmaker, author and explorer, star of Channel 4’s 'Walking the Nile’

In 1885 the British army invaded Burma and deposed its King. He died in exile, ending a thousand years of monarchy. The royal family vanished, and the country was plunged into war and the longest military dictatorship of modern times. But after a century of silence they are back, and they’re on a journey to bring the family - past and present - back together. Filmed through three years of seismic change in Burma, this is the story of a family and a country emerging from the darkness.

The film had its world premiere held at the British Library in London, in partnership with the Open City Documentary Festival, and first TV broadcast in December 2017 on The History Channel.

Forgotten Allies

In the darkest hours of World War 2, thousands of men from Burma gave their lives fighting a brutal war for Britain against the Japanese, and to carry out the most successful guerrilla campaign of the war. But after the Allied victory, Burma sank into isolation, dictatorship and civil war, and Britain forgot the bravery of these men.

Now only a handful of veterans remain - will they get the recognition they deserve before it's too late? One determined band of Brits are in a battle against time to make sure they do.

Forgotten Allies is currently in production in Myanmar, supported by our logistical partner Sampan Travel - for more information check back soon, or contact info@grammar-productions.com


Project One

Project One


Our Team

Alex Bescoby

Alex Bescoby

Alex is a history nerd and award-winning researcher. His work has taken him to some of the less-travelled corners of the world – the back-country of Sierra Leone, the remote Peruvian Andes, insurgent-ridden southern-Philippines and far-flung corners of Burma (Myanmar). He learned to understand these very different places through studying their histories – best done by forming close bonds with the people who live there. He studied politics and history at the University of Cambridge, lives in London, but was born and raised in Manchester alongside Max Jones.

Max Jones

Max Jones

Max is a Director, Cameraman but above all a storyteller. He has worked on an array of programmes ranging from X Factor to Top Gear, for every major British TV channel. Max studied Film Design and Production at Kingston University, and is at home in the studio as he is out in the field. He is mainly based in London, but grew up in Manchester alongside Alex Bescoby. He’s earned a reputation for being seemingly indestructible while working overseas – no matter what nature throws at him, he keeps on filming.


Joanna Poole

Joanna Poole

Joanna is Grammar’s Social Media guru, and is responsible for sharing the latest Grammar news and adventures across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo. She is currently studying television production at Charles Sturt University, where she also contributes to the University’s social media.

Luke Radcliff

Luke Radcliff

Luke’s curiosity and experience in some of the farther-flung corners of the world make him right at home as Grammar’s shooting researcher. A doc lover through and through he started out in distribution, learning what separates the good from the great and helping award-winning factual films find the perfect audience. Now working in production to bring important and often forgotten stories to life, he’s made video for the National Trust, Sky News, and secured an international reporting grant from One World Media.

Jamie Coward

Camilo Tirado

Camilo is a London-based percussionist, composer and sound designer whose work covers a variety of musical cultures, from Indian classical to electroacoustic music. As a musician he has toured the world with Talvin Singh, Terry Riley, James Holden & Maverick Sabre and has worked in the studio with Nitin Sawhney and Anoushka Shankar. As a sound designer he has recorded some of the best musicians in India on behalf of the Darbar Festival and, more recently, the exquisite ‘exile songs’ of Burma’s forgotten King Thibaw.



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