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Wow. The response to the #WeWereKings Thailand premiere at the FCCT on Jan 31st has blown us away! With over 23,000 people checking out our announcement, we thought a second screening in Bangkok might be a good idea

The lovely people at The Documentary Club in Bangkok have offered their awesome theatre to us on the evening of Feb 1st. Details can be found on this link [] and below.

Date: 1 February 2018
Venue: Doc Club theatre, Warehouse30
(How to go :
Time: 17.30 Screening / Talk with the director Alex Bescoby

Ticket only 100 THB per seat / Please reserve by
– Transfer 100 THB to Movies Matter account (Bangkok Bank 233-0-629755)
– E-mail slip and your name to
– Please receive your tickets on the date from 5pm onwards.


We’re delighted to have been invited to screen the award-winning We Were Kings at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Bangkok, on Wednesday January 31st at 7pm. U Soe Win, the star of the film and great-grandson of King Thibaw will also be in the audience to mark this special occasion.

More detail can be find on the Club’s website: Please direct enquires to:

We’re also arranging a second public screening in Bangkok on Thursday February 1st – please watch this space for updates.


A very happy 2018 from all of us here at Grammar Productions!

If you’re still dusting yourself off from your NYE celebrations, why not get lost in this article we put together on our new project, Forgotten Allies.

Thanks to Sampan Travel, our logistical partner for this project, for helping us spread the word.


It’s Friday night, prime time, and We Were Kings (Burma’s Lost Royals) is getting it’s small screen premiere!

And it’s the good people of Australia who’ll see it first. Details are:

History Channel HD (Foxtel 271) 9.30pm – 10.30pm []

If you miss it, it’ll be repeated on the same channel at 11.30am the following day (23rd).

Hope you enjoy an early Christmas pressie from all of us at Grammar Productions!


Thank you so much to all who packed out the Old Tourist Burma Building for the We Were Kings Yangon premiere!

Such a special evening, and thanks to you generous bunch we raised 2,000,000 MMK to support the work of the Green Princess and her Myanmar Green Network(ျမန္မာအစိမ္းေရာင္ကြန္ရက္)

A huge thank you to Turquoise Mountain Myanmar for giving us the perfect venue, and to Slade Property Services for meeting all the evening’s costs

Check out more pictures from the night on our Facebook page courtesy of our ticketing partner, Myanmore.

Celebrating Myanmar’s musicians: the story behind the We Were Kings soundtrack

One of the many great opportunities presented by the funding from the Whicker’s World Foundation was the chance to make a bit of music history, via a partnership with the talented folk at the Gitameit Music Institute in Yangon.

You can watch the story behind our collaboration here.

Our brilliant musicians will be in the audience for our Yangon premiere next week.

We’re hoping we can convince them to bring their instruments too!


Come and join Grammar Productions and Myanmar’s royal family in partnership with Turquoise Mountain Myanmar and Slade Property Services, as we celebrate Yangon’s first public screening of the award-winning ‘We Were Kings’, the story of Myanmar’s lost royal family.

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to screen a film about a forgotten chapter in Myanmar and Britain’s shared history than a building that embodies it – the Old Tourist Burma Building. This crumbling relic of Myanmar’s colonial period is now being brought back to life by TMF for the enjoyment of all in Yangon.

We’re also honoured to say that all proceeds from the evening’s ticket sales will be donated to the Myanmar Green Network(ျမန္မာအစိမ္းေရာင္ကြန္ရက္) an NGO committed to the protection of Myanmar’s environment and to promoting environmental education. It’s coordinator is none other than one of the stars of We Were Kings, Daw Devi Thant Cin – the ‘Green Princess’.

ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALE at 20,000 MMK / $15 USD online via this link, and the remaining will be made available on the door on the night.

Forgotten Allies – Sampan Travel join the team

Here at Grammar Productions, we’re delighted to have the Sampan Travel team as the logistical partner over the next 12 months for our latest documentary project, Forgotten Allies.

In the darkest hours of World War 2, thousands of men from Burma gave their lives fighting a brutal war for Britain against the Japanese, carrying out the most successful guerrilla campaign of the war. But after the Allied victory, Burma sank into isolation, dictatorship and civil war, and Britain forgot the bravery of these men. Now only a handful of veterans remain – will they get the recognition they deserve before it’s too late? One determined band of Brits are in a battle against time to make sure they do.

Watch a short teaser for Forgotten Allies here.

We couldn’t think of a better logistical partner than Sampan – a boutique tour operator offering bespoke journeys throughout Myanmar – as we undertake the shoot in some of the most remote and challenging parts of the country

Speaking about the partnership, Sampan’s Managing Director Bertie Lawson said:

‘It is exciting for us to be part of such a principled and stirring venture. Sampan’s journeys are based upon respectful interaction and engagement between peoples and cultures, as well as about exploring the hidden, forgotten and little-told stories of Myanmar. For this reason, working with Grammar Productions on Forgotten Allies is a perfect fit for us. We are greatly looking forward to the next 12 months.’

Rupert Trotter, Sampan’s Chairman, also added:

“The phrase “humbling experience” is most often used nowadays to acknowledge a defeat in sport or a failure in an examination. It is less often used to describe being in the presence of a 93 year old man with a chestful of medals, who despite his advancing years still has more backbone and more sheer chutzpah than 95% of the rest of the room. Nobody can be allowed to forget these heroes, for that is what they truly are.”

For more information on Sampan Travel, please visit

Remembering Britain’s Forgotten Allies

Across the world this weekend people will gather to remember the countless number who lost their lives in the Second World War, both civilian and military. Very few who fought are still living, and those that remain are almost exclusively over 90 years of age.

The war years saw a million acts of enormous bravery and sacrifice, many never acknowledged. One chapter particularly overlooked in the UK is the campaign in Myanmar (Burma). Thousands of men and boys from across the country joined the British Army, Navy and Air Force to fight for another King and Country.

Now, more than 70 years on, many surviving veterans live in poverty, and their wartime service remains largely unacknowledged by the country they risked everything for.

This year, we’re embarking on our own act of remembrance through a new documentary project – Forgotten Allies. You can view a short trailer here.

It’s the story of phenomenal bravery against the odds, in a country where the world’s major powers fought a brutal battle for supremacy which divided the people of Burma against each other.

It’s a reminder too that while in the UK today we commemorate victory and peace, the war here in Myanmar is still being fought today.

Myanmar Premiere of ‘We Were Kings’ @ Irrawaddy Literature Festival

We were delighted to hold the first screening of the award-winning We Were Kings in Mandalay on Saturday November 4th, at the Irrawaddy Literary Festival.

Mandalay was the last royal capital of Burma before it was annexed by Britain, so we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location to screen a documentary about what happened to the royal family after 1885.

Just to make the day even better, the Grammar team was joined in Mandalay by all the people that made this film possible.

First, the brilliant historian Sudha Shah who moderated the Q&A. Sudha’s forensically researched book ‘The King in Exile’ – you can buy it here – was our bible throughout development and production.

Second, the one of a kind Jane Mote, Consultant Editor to the Whicker’s World Foundation, without whom we would never have been able to get this film over the finish line. We were so happy she surprised us on her first visit to Myanmar!

Third, the royal family of Burma – including three of our four regal stars. The crowd’s response to seeing their royal family reunited in Mandalay was quite something.

It was an emotional day in the We Were Kings story, but is it the end? We don’t think so…

Here are links to how local journalists responded in the Myanmar Times and The Irrawaddy.